Sınav is an adventure, room escape game developed using Unity for mobile devices at EBA Market App Contest (EBA Market için Uygulama Geliştirme Yarışması).

In the game, the player plays as a student who studied until late-night and fell asleep in the exam. The player finds himself/herself in some rooms that contain clues and puzzles and tries to escape from these rooms solving the puzzles.

Clues are used as a tool to give information for an education topics and puzzles are used to make students practice about the education topic. Sınav, also, has some mechanisms to teach the students analytical thinking.

Sınav won 3rd place at the contest.


  • C# and Unity game engine were used during the development.
  • All codes were developed by my own.


Sınav currently has one level. We are working on level design to make it ready to release.

Screenshots will be added, soon.