Informal Definition

“You know the kind of guy who is a student at Ankara University, Department of Computer Engineering, a freelance video game developer, an amateur author, and a vocalist. Well, that is me. I am just trying to achieve my dreams, and I am always keen to improve my skills and abilities.

My name is Cihan.”

This is the first “informal definition” I wrote several years ago. I have been working to achieve my dreams for years. I had so long suffered in this quest, heard failure prophesied so often. I asked myself from time to time, am I good enough to complete my quest?

However, I never gave up, went on for the goal. I think I never saw such starved ignoble nature; nothing throve: for flowers as well expect a cedar grove. I shut my eyes and turned the things I love on my heart. I walked with literature, philosophy, and music. I improved my skills for upcoming battles.

Today, I have completed only half of my quest. There are still more things to learn and do. And yet, dauntless the slug-horn to my lips I set, and blew. ’Childe Cihan to the Dark Tower came.’