I have started my M. Sc. study at Université de Montréal with exemption scholarship (Bourses d’exemption des droits de scolarité supplémentaires) as a student of Derek Nowrouzezahrai and Pierre Poulin.

I was also awarded for TEV-DAAD scholarship for graduate study in Germany, and exemption scholarship by Bilkent University for Master’s level study at Bilkent University Computer Engineering Department.

I finished my B.Eng. study as the top Student at the Faculty of Engineering.

Global Game Jam Turkey 2012: 1st place at Global Game Jam Turkey 2012 with Ruhi the Loopy. Ruhi the Loopy was developed using ActionScript 3.0, Box2D and TweenLite.

EBA Market App Contest (EBA Market için Uygulama Geliştirme Yarışması): 3rd place with an e-learning application named Sınav for high-schoolers. Sınav was developed using Unity game engine and C#.

TUBITAK Software Projects Contest: A project for public transportation using smart phones and tablet PCs. Awarded at 7th place over 66 projects. It was developed using Java and Android SDK.

Hayal Et, Gerçek Olsun Software Development Contest: 4th place with an interactive e-learning application for preschoolers. It was developed using ActionScript 3.0.

Also, I was awarded for CryEngine 3 Workshop.