C/C++: C/C++ is the first programming language I have learnt, and I am using it for my computer graphics related work (thesis, personal projects, course assignments) nowadays. You can check my portfolio for seeing the details what I have done using C/C++ so far.

Java:  I used Java for some computer graphics applications, department assignments, and Android applications. I developed a ray tracer, some OpenGL applications, and a mesh simplification program in Java. During my undergraduate study, I studied on object oriented programming using Java. I also developed a billiard psychics simulation, a dynamic DFA generator, an Android project for TÜBİTAK Lisans Öğrencileri Yazılım Projeleri Yarışması (TUBITAK Undergraduate Software Projects Contest), and several Android and Java applications.

C#: I used C# for video game programming with Unity, my undergraduate graduation project, which is about dynamic position detection by using segmentation, and for a database project at the department (undergraduate).

ActionScript 3.0: I have been using ActionScript 3.0 to develop Flash games, and Adobe AIR applications for 4 years.

JavaScript: I worked on Unity video game scripting, and web based programming assignments at the department (undergraduate) using JavaScript.