Billiardinator5000 is a billiard psychics simulation developed using Java on my own as OOP course.

In the program, user enters the data into a specified text file, and uses Billiardinator5000 to see the simulation results. Billiardinator5000 takes billiard table’s length, width, pocket number, friction coefficient, and balls’ radius, position, velocity, mass, and color from the user. Then, using this data it creates the simulation.

Billiardinator5000 starts with a menu that has “Read from File”, “Start Simulation”, “Help”, and “Quit” buttons. At first, “Start Simulation” button is inactive. If the data is read from file accomplishedly, it becomes active. Otherwise, the user is warned with an error window.

In the simulation, elastic collision is occured between the balls. Accuracy of the psychics is proved with Steinhaus result, and Euclid’s Proposition 31.

Billiardinator5000 also counts collisions with sides, and number of balls in the pockets, and shows the results after the simulation is ended.


Billiardinator5000 Screenshot