A Tile-based Game

I am currently working on a tile-based game that we will publish in a few months. I am responsible in developing gameplay/game mechanics and game design.

You can see some basic code on my GitHub page. I am not sharing full source code on GitHub for now, since we consider this game as a product.

In this code, I decided to separate core game code and Unity, and use Unity as just as a rendering tool as OpenGL, etc. So, the code is developed with this motivation.


  • Key classes for the game (controllers/managers, hierarchy for game objects, etc.)
  • Uniform grid base collision detection
  • Rectangle collision detection


  • Waiting for level editor to be completed for introducing text based level construction in LevelController
  • Object pooling
  • InputManager and observer pattern to increase decoupling in GameController
  • Some other updates and improvements depending on the new game design decisions.