To the Out of Hell is an RPG game that tells a war between good and evil. The evil
side imprisons the good side and steals the precious thing, and the war is
begin. Player controls good side, and helps them to escape the dungeon,
and taking back the precious thing.

Project Status: 

  • Game intro, outro animations, and other graphics are being waited.
  • Levels are being desgined.
  • Game codes were developed; however, some game design rules are still being ignored.

Game Prototype

Game prototype was developed without game graphics and contains five levels. In the game

  • Cyan refers path
  • Red and grey refer flames and traps respectivly.
  • Yellow refers the gates
  • And brown refers player that is controlled by mouse

                                  Prototype of To the Out of Hell

P.S. To play again please refresh the page