Hands-on Game AI Development and SDLinator5000

Hands-on Game AI Development is a video course I prepared for Packt Publishing and SDLinator5000 is a 2D game engine, which is based on SDL, that I developed and used for the course.

During the course I talk about basics of game AI, decision trees, FSM-based game AI development, graphs, path finding and path finding algorithms, and path planning. I developed decision tree structure, FSM structure, navigation graphs, A* algorithm, path planner, a tic-tac-toe game, a basic Atari Combat-clone, and a basic Pac-man-clone.

SDLinator5000 provides layers to divide SDL and the developer space, and all the needed basic structures (textures, managers, base classes), so the developer can implement his/her own system easily.

You can use this link to get Hands-on Game AI Development course page, and reach SDLinator5000 source code on my or Packt’s GitHub pages.