Tokidoki Love is Global Game Jam 2015 game of us which was developed at Montréal Game Jam 2015. In this project, first time, I worked with a complete development team from sound team to game designer. Even I never believed in the project, or did not like the game idea, and witnessed several crises in the team, we got an award at the contest.

Simply, Tokidoki Love is a dating simulation with absurd elements. But my teammates describe it as ” a new contender to the dating sim genre. Incredible, emotional, and above all, memorable. Playing this will forever change the way you view both life and dating sims. The game takes place in Montreal, and touches the topic of hate speech from multiple points of view. It also attempts to encourage interest in STEM subjects through one of the main characters.”

In the project, I was responsible for developing a method for adding, using, and handling the dialogues in a easy and efficient way. I also worked on adding game sounds, and controlling flow of the game.

The game was developed using Unity and C#.

If I talk a little about how we decided to develop a dating simulation, it is because a “team member” forced all the team to develop a dating simulation and rejected all other ideas, and we (developer team) added the absurd parts by force. The funny thing, the member who forced us to develop a dating simulation just left the game jam before he finished his part of the work and did not come back until closing closing ceremony. Rest of the team tried to complete the game without his help.

In short, it was an interesting series of events for a game jam.

You can check the GGJ web page for some images, build, and source code. Or you can click here to play game online. But not now, because I have not got a build for web, yet.