Reach is a 3D single-player first-person puzzle-platform game developed using Unity, JavaScript and C# by my own. Also, it is the first Unity video game project of mine.

It is set in a place having some puzzles and player tries to solve this puzzles to escape from limbo. Game is started in the middle of nowhere. At first, player has to find a box –called SaviorBox. Then, player has to bulild a road to the maze using this box. After reaching the maze, he or she has to passes the maze, and obstacles. Finally, if player passes enemies and reaches to the gate in the forest, he or she completes the game.

Reach is played using mouse and keyboard. Gamepad may also be used.



  • Frequenlty, JavaScript was used.
  • All scripts, animations, prefabs, terrain etc.but Zombie prefab are developed or created by my own.

Needs to Improve

Most of the optimization problems are solved. However, a 3D designer is needed  to improve visual quality, and having a better optimization.


Play Reach

Reach is not suitable game for web. However, You can play it via clicking here.

Because of some security issues of WordPress, I could not embed the game.